52 Hike Challenge – Hike 15 – Constitution Trail, Normal, Illinois

Hike 15 of my 52 Hike Challenge was more of an urban hike, on the Constitution Trail in Normal, Illinois. This trail is a huge asset to the community, connecting many parts of the city over 24 miles. While it serves some practical purpose (I used to ride my bike to work on it), it also gives members of the community a place to “get away”, with its tree-lined and sometimes canopied route. I needed to run an errand in Uptown Normal and it was a beautiful spring day, so I threw on some gym clothes, had my mom drop me off and walked home via The Trail. It is a short mile and a half, but there’s so much to see and enjoy along the way.

I started off by having lunch at nearby Medici. Gotta stay fueled for the “hike” home!

The restaurant is only about two blocks from The Trail, but along the way is the historic Normal Theater. After passing by the theater you enter The Trail near Uptown Station.

Once I was on The Trail I was surrounded by the wonderfully dense, green plants along my route home.

I was able to take The Trail within just a few blocks of home, cutting through the playground area of my elementary school to finish my trek. The gardens around the school were blooming and these bold iris were my favorite.

Iris at Colene Hoose Elementary School
Iris at my elementary school

Although I’ve spent countless hours on the Constitution Trail and consider it my entry point to hiking, I never ever get tired of it. I was very grateful to have this perfect spring day to enjoy it and other treasures in my hometown! Do you have a favorite hometown hike?

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