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Normal: “not deviating from a norm, conforming to a…standard”
Nomad: “an individual who roams about”

I started out life pretty “normal”. I focused on achieving all of the things you’re supposed to strive for: good grades, good job, good husband. You know – “normal”. I was even born and raised in Normal, IL. A series of decisions deviating further and further from the norm have transformed my lifestyle from Normal to Nomad.

In the fall of 2014, my husband and I were both burnt out from work and NYC living. We decided we had the means and opportunity to travel, so we sold our furniture and our Brooklyn condo, put our remaining belongings in storage and hit the road with our two dogs for a year-long road trip.

Our itinerary was based on seeing as many National Parks and other magnificent outdoor spaces as possible, after I took a life-changing solo camping trip to Yosemite National Park. It turns out the nomad moniker applies to my story in multiple ways – in the sense that I have no established home base, but also that my major deviation from the norm manifested in a love for the outdoors, namely hiking (roaming).

Now, six months after our road trip has ended I’m still on the move, enjoying outdoor recreation across the country, while sharing my experiences with others and encouraging them to follow their dreams, no matter how far from normal they may seem.

As my journey continues, you can expect to find travel stories, hiking recaps, tips for outdoor recreation and what I like to call “It’s going to be OK” posts. These are my thoughts on taking risks to move towards your goals, shaped by my own experience with leaving the traditional workforce for unknown destinations and adventures.

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  1. This is really a great site – be safe and have fun on your new adventure!


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