City Creek Park, Salt Lake City, Utah | 52 Hike Challenge – Hike 21

I made it to Hike 21 of my 52 Hike Challenge! For this hike I headed to City Creek Park. This trail is smack in the middle of Salt Lake City. I love how accessible the outdoors is in Salt Lake City. Even though it’s in an urban area, City Creek Park feels like you’re much more isolated.

The trail does start in an urban, residential area, but as you move along it becomes progressively more secluded.

I loved the little critter footprints on the footpath along City Creek. As you leave the city sidewalks behind, you enter beautiful Memory Grove Park, which was full of historical markers and memorials. I tried to balance wanting to look at all of the monuments with moving forward, but would love to dedicate more time to exploring this park someday.

As the trail leaves the park, you are finally on a more traditional dirt path trail. Leashes aren’t required in this section and on the hot afternoon I hiked there were a ton of dogs going hog wild in the cool waters of City Creek. It was fun to watch and distracted me from the triple digit heat a bit!

This was a super quick out and back for me, but this is actually quite a long trail that you could hike all day. Do you have any favorite urban hiking locations? Tell me about them in the comments!

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